Geoff Soloway PhD









A Mindful Approach

Over the past 40 years, mindfulness practice has gained tremendous popularity in Western parts of the world as well as increasing recognition in medicine, psychology, education and most recently the workplace.  Mindfulness is a natural human capacity for developing awareness, and wakefulness in daily life. 

Cultivating mindful professionals is the foundation of our work.  Mindfulness can be understood as a foundational Human Resource that is readily accessible for all.  Mindfulness is a novel type of learning - one in which you bring intention to paying attention in the present moment with an openness to whatever is there.  This ability to momentarily step into a place on non-reactivity creates a spaciousness to help us see more clearly what is in front of us, and in turn to make a wise next step.  Tuning into the present moment helps to untangle automatic patterns of reactivity to specific thoughts, memories, emotions, contexts and people, and provides greater perspective and clarity into the unhelpful patterns that get in the way from achieving our goals.  

As a practice, mindfulness is a form of mental exercise that shapes new neural pathways that activate and integrate important areas of the brain related to cognitive, emotional and social competencies. Mindfulness is not esoteric, religious, and yet the learning goes deep into the very nature and nurture of what makes us uniquely human.  Practicing mindfulness helps to access a calmer mind, develop more meaningful moments and buoyancy in our day-to-day.